Tree Lopping And Its Advantages

Tree Lopping

Tree lopping is the process of removing the big portions of a tree by cutting an entire stem or branch so that only the stub remains. Compared to other methods such as pruning or selective cutting; tree lopping is considered to be controversial by some people. But the fact is that, if done by professionals like tree lopping Perth Arbor Services, then this technique has got many advantages. Here are some benefits of tree lopping and a few scenarios where it is considered as the best technique.

To nullify the risks due to unstable trees

It is very common for trees to become hollow as a result of damages, diseases or sometimes due to the age. As per the experts at, a hollow tree is at high risk of falling, and if there is such a tree close to your house, it should be dealt with caution. High wind or heavy rain may easily uproot the tree and cause property damages. In worst cases, they may even cause injury to people or pets.

A professional tree lopper would be able to assess the tree and decide the possibility of lopping to restore the tree. If they do not find lopping effective, then they may go with the complete removal of the tree also if that is the only option.

For the better health of a tree

There are chances that a portion of the tree may get affected by some pest, diseases, lack of light, damage to root, etc. In such cases, lopping by a skilled professional is the best option to get rid of the affected part and to protect the rest of the tree from the damage. Removing the damaged part completely ensures that the health of the tree gets saved in the long run.

To prevent trees interfering with the power lines

The branches of trees getting in touch with live power lines is a very dangerous scenario which should be prevented immediately. Cutting those twigs and branches is not an easy task which a random person can do. There are a lot of factors to be analyzed such as the power line type, the tree species and even the type of bushes under the tree. A trained tree lopping expert can analyze all these and do the needful to prevent the danger. He would also make sure that there is no chance for such dangers in the future.

To make a tree look beautiful

A completely uncontrolled growth without getting trimmed at all may not necessarily give a tree a pleasant look. Such a tree may not look good in your garden. A skilled tree lopper can give a tree which is untouched for years a refreshingly new look. Moreover, lopping will also avoid the necessity for frequent trimming in the future.

In short, there may arise a lot of scenarios like the ones listed above and more where tree lopping is the best possible approach. Whatever the situation is, it is best to take the help of a professional to get the work done so that complete benefits are ensured!