Choosing A Perfect Climbing Helmet-Ensures Safety Of A Climber

Climbing Helmet

Climbing a mountain is risky at times. So it is essential for a climber to be equipped with all the necessary gear. The use of various safety gears like a climbing helmet, goggles, etc. ensure the safety of the climber. A climbing helmet is a piece of necessary equipment which prevents the climbers from any injury. As stated by experts at, it also prevents head injury due to falling rocks, accidental ground fall, etc. It also helps climbers to manage inside a tight space during their journey.

The article below talks about the various types of climbing helmets available in the market. It also highlights certain factors to be taken into account while purchasing a climbing helmet.

Various Styles Of Helmet
There are different types of climbing helmets available in the market. Each style has its pros and cons. The choice of the style is based on the climber’s individual preference and need. The three different types are

Hard Shell Helmets
This type of helmets is made up of a hard shell so it can withstand heavy load. Hard shell helmets come with an excellent range of sizing which enables multiple users to wear the helmet. This style of helmets is hard to be carried as they are big ad clunky. It also lacks proper ventilation.

Foam Helmets
This type of helmet is made up of foam. The expanded polystyrene present in the foam helps to withstand heavy impacts. A thin layer polycarbonate is used to protect from minor injuries. Climbers prefer foam helmets for their light weight. Lightweight helmets are fragile and also cost more.

Hybrid Helmets
Hybrid helmets are made up of a combination of both hard shell and foam designs. It is a lightweight, durable and affordable type of climbing helmet.

The Right Fit
It is essential that the climbing helmet chosen by you should fit your head correctly. It should cover your head and the forehead. The buckle should tightly fit underneath your chin. Check if the helmet is snug by shaking your head. There are various ranges of climbing helmet with multiple sizes to help different users, to offer climbers a perfect climbing helmet,. It also has options to adjust the size of the helmet based on the person using it. Straps and rotating dials help climbers to adjust the size of the helmet.

Climbing helmet ensures the safety of the climber. So it is recommended to consider the safety factor before purchasing a climbing helmet. Do not go for used climbing helmets as they do not last longer. The ability of a used helmet is less than a new one. It is good to replace your climbing helmet regularly for better performance. A safety rating alarms you when it is time to replace your helmet.

Accessories Add Up Extra Features
There are various accessories which offer various additional features to your climbing helmet. You can fit a headlamp in your helmet so that you can climb during the night. The visor can be used to clean dirty routes. It is also used for ice climbing. Venting is a great option to help you climb in hot temperatures.

The above factors should be considered before purchasing a climbing helmet.