Benefits Of Using Cold Pressed Juicer

cold-press juicer

Nowadays, most people prefer drinking fresh and wholesome juice rather than drinking coffee in the morning as it gives a natural energy boost to your body. Juicing helps your body in absorbing all the nutrients from the fruit or vegetable. Raw juice can help in revitalizing your body. Juices made at home, by ourselves, are healthier than the packaged ones we get from the stores. Centrifugal juicers use blades that spin fast, for shredding and tearing apart the vegetable or fruits, but this process rises up the heat, which results in the oxidization of the fruits and veggies.Exposure to air will definitely lead to a reduction in the nutritional value of the juice. It is very easy for you now to Get the facts about juicing through this article. According to, by buying the best juicer, it is very easy to make juices at your home.

These nifty cold pressed juice extractors are becoming more prevalent as these machines are the best in extracting juices by pressing or by grinding vegetables and fruits without adding heat. That is why these machines are referred as cold pressed juicers. The process by which fresh juice are preserved by using high- pressure processing without using heat is known as cold pressed juice. Pascalization is the scientific way of referring to High-pressure processing. This method helps in preserving food products by using tremendously high pressure. Harmful bacteria are removed by this process, maintaining a higher yield in minerals, vitamins, and useful enzymes and providing a fresher taste. This process preserves freshness of the fruits thereby retaining essential nutrients.

Now let’s find out, what all benefits are there in the cold pressed juicer.

· Cold pressed juicer extracts juice which retains more minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. The juice tastes much better than any other technique of extraction. By using this technique, you can easily make fruits and vegetables a part of your daily diet.

· Bacteria are destroyed by cold pressing. It helps in preserving the quality and taste of the juice that a chemical pasteurizing can’t do. So, you can drink your juice without worrying about anything and enjoy your juice that retains its freshness, high-level quality, and awesome taste.

· By using a cold pressed juicer, you are able to store a large batch of the juice for as long as two weeks, and still, it would taste as fresh as new.

· You are able to extract more juice from your fruits and vegetables, by the cold pressed juicer which saves a lot of money and helps in managing the nutritional value of the ingredients.

· The juice is of good consistency. More fiber-rich content is retained by the cold pressed juices.

There are many awesome benefits in owning a cold pressed juicer. People can regulate the quality of the raw constituents and also save a lot of money, as you can select the fruits and the vegetables that are organic and can be bought from a nearby shop or market. While using other typical or conventionally operating juicers, the fibers and nutrients get oxidized as the heat is generated due to high-speed turning. But cold pressed juicers do not give out too much heat, thereby keeping the fibers and nutrients intact.

Cold pressed juicers are definitely a high utility appliance and will ultimately become a good source of health.