Avoid A Hangover With These Awesome Tricks

Avoid A Hangover

We are always in search of an excuse to party with our friends and relatives. In this hectic life, these parties and get-togethers are our only escapades for some relaxation. Sometimes, when you are too much immersed in the party flavor, you tend to forget your limits and get drunk. This results in a very bad hangover the next day morning. Grammercy Bar and Kitchen helps you with ways of dealing with these ugly hangovers. As stated on thedailymeal.com hangovers are really bad as it gives serous headaches, the day after and definitely harm the health a lot.

Some Things To Be Kept In Mind Before You Immerse Yourself In Drinking

· Please drink to the limit till which you can have control on yourself. Do not just keep on drinking for the heck of it. Accompany your drinks with lots of water, as this habit keeps you in control.
· Do not ever forget to have a heavy meal before you decide to drink. Drinking on an empty stomach will make you more vulnerable to the effects of drinking. The metabolism process has to be slowed down with a proper meal, especially if it contains protein or high in fiber foods like asparagus and broccoli.
· When you have already taken a drink, do not have more than two drinks in a span of three hours. If you are drinking with friends, try to engage more in conversations.
· Try to drink some other non-alcoholic drinks as well. This can include a glass of fresh lime soda or an effervescent electrolyte. This can help you to get a supply of vitamin C and combat with dehydration respectively.
· If you are drinking outside, please try to come home as soon as you can as unnecessary hanging out, will make the matters worse for you. Never indulge in drunk driving. The dangers of drunk driving have been extolled many a time.
· Immediately after drinking, avoid taking medicines like ibuprofen as it causes some of the worst side effects like nausea, stomach pain and indigestion.
· Always keep your body well hydrated as alcohol is a diuretic. It is very important to drink lots of water before, during and after drinking. Coconut water can also help you keep yourself hydrated.
· Some studies reveal that if you have fried eggs, the day after drinking, the amino acid and the cysteine contained in the egg yolk will help the liver in breaking sown acetaldehyde from alcohol.

After you have finished your quota of drinking, make sure to drink a hangover smoothie as it makes your drinking session more nutritious and tasty. You can drink a glass of coconut water after having a glass of drink. Some experts also suggest that we can also add spices to our smoothies to reduce the after effects of drinking in our body, like inflammation. Cumin, cinnamon and turmeric are the best in this regard. Cumin treats indigestion and diarrhea along with morning sickness. Cinnamon helps in improving the blood sugar levels whereas turmeric has anti inflammatory properties. It can also protect the liver.