All You Need To Know About Mercedes-AMG


When you notice AMG along with the name Mercedes you can be sure that the vehicle can be easily sold. The expansion of AMG is Aufrecht Melcher Groβapach who are the founders, and also it includes the town name where the shop was set up for the first time. You can find reviews from popular people like richard hammond who feels that this car is way beyond perfection.

Mercedes are known to invent the most impressive features like the Self Driving cars and much more which are listed in

There is an AMG version of almost anything in the Benz inventory which includes the C-Class Cabriolet. You can segregate them into wild and mild. The wild are the C63, and the mild are the C43. Mild is a term which is relative. When compared to C63, which can be ignited through twin turbo V08 4 litre up to 503 horsepower. The C43 may seem easily tamable. It’s a good leap which is beyond the standard C-class Cabrio 2.0 litre.

The C43 is heavier than the counterparts which can be amplified by all wheel drive system which is available in all the C43 models. The test car weighed more than C43 coupe which is approximately around 250 odd pounds.

The torque along with the gearing in automatic mode combines to push this ragtop (Car with a convertible roof) to a speed of 60mph in around 4.3seconds. Apart from the performance of C63, the C43 is far better. The AMG also includes higher end suspension with dampers have adaptive suspension. Further, they have large brake discs and steering wheel which are precise and will run as fast as a sports car.

The C43 tend to change direction regularly and will not cause any drama especially in sports mode. It also increases shift points, and it further adjusts the mapping of the engine which produces more of throttle response. There is a chance of progressive understeer, and the limits are set high. The C43 brake performance is stable, high and doesn’t fade in the due course of time.

The responses of a typical automatic transmission can be compared to that of the dual clutch which includes matched downshifts no matter whether the car is operated in a manual mode or an automatic mode.
If you feel any difference in the ride quality, then it may be due to the suspension mode which can be accomplished through run flat tires and the sidewalls that are reinforced. These features can be similar to that of sports car attributes and the C43 will belong to the loosely defined area of touring car which is towards the higher end. It’s capable enough of making the owner feel entertained, comfortable for extended travels and gives enough pleasure to people who drive the car.
The interiors of the test car are lined with brown leather which is spread on the seats and doors. Buyers would have been happy if these features come along as a standard feature rather than spend a lump some amount of $1620.